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Cult & King's Tonik is a multi-use hair product acting as a lightweight leave in conditioner and scalp treatment.  The Tonik nourishes and hydrates the hair, while balancing the pH Balance of your scalp (which can get off balance from water and products). On top of that, it delivers a natural alternative for UV and heat toxins here!  


Perfect for the minimalist that wants to wash and wear without using heavier products. 


Cult and King's herbal synergies and organic ingredients combine to condition the scalp,  nourish the hair follicles and hair like no synthetic chemicals can. 


This is one of North Authentic's favorite products and that’s saying something. Bonus! All Cult & King hair products are refillable and unisex which means this is also a great leave-in conditioner for men. Spray TONIK into damp hair and beard after washing and before styling. Or spray it on your scalp and hair anytime. Feel the tingle.

Cult and King Tonik Scalp and Hair Purifier Mini

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