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A multidimensional business for multidimensional people
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Bay B is more than just a salon collective, it’s your new referral program and network to support small and local businesses, artists, and independent service providers. We have big plans for our future, and we can’t wait to share our journey with you.


Too many creatives waste too much time, energy and money searching for fulfilling career because they are need of security and are derailed from their passions by the allure of “corporate benefits”.


Here at Bay B it is our mission to find ways to provide “corporate benefits” and career paths to creatives and small business entrepreneurs so they can start their dream careers faster. Stay tuned to hear more about the ways we are here to support you and connect you.

We believe in finding the right match


Whether it comes to our clients, trusted business, or partners, trust is our philosophy.


We are firm believers that there are plenty of guests for everyone’s doors, what really matters is finding relationships that are a perfect fit. If one of our in-house partners doesn’t suit your needs all we care about is helping you navigate the intimidating world of service provider dating.


Your identity, time, schedule, budget, love languages, anxieties, geography, whatever needs you have matter to us and it’s our mission to connect you with our trusted network of local and small businesses, artists, and independent service providers so you can find the right fit.

Help us end toxic rivalry and instead lets help build each other up.

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